Wednesday, 25 April 2012

 Let we are together watching this video for our some SAFETY guidelines & awareness about cycling....


Unlike most sports, cycling requires sharing open roads full of traffic and encountering other hazards such as pot-holes and dogs. It is important that you learn how to deal with road hazards and develop traffic skills to make your cycling safer and more enjoyable. Before you venture onto the open road, your bike must be in good condition. You must also know the traffic laws and observe all the signs and signals.


· Ride a predictable and straight line. Avoid unnecessary swerving.
· Always look over your shoulder before overtaking or pulling out into traffic.
· Make eye contact with car drivers, and use body language to predict the driver's action and to signal your own intentions.
· Give hand signals in advance.
· Be decisive so motorists will know your intentions.
· Never weave in and out of parked cars.


· Select roads that are relatively free of traffic.
· Always wear brightly coloured clothing.
· Always wear an approved bicycle helmet.
· Ride with your head up, scanning ahead and keeping an eye on where you're riding.
· Don't monkey around on your bike keep both hands on the handlebars and feet on the pedals.
· Ride in from the edge of the roadway to avoid broken edges and pot-holes.
· It is legal and safer to ride two abreast. Keep within 2.5m of the kerb.
· When riding at night, front and rear lights as well as reflectors are absolutely essential.
· Always ride in a manner, which is safe for the public.

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